Matica® EDIsecure® XID 8300 ID Card Printer

  • $4,895.00

Product Information

  • Single- or double-sided retransfer printer with various optional modules
  • Modern, industrial design with very small footprint
  • Electronic security locks to secure access to supplies and consumables
  • Over-the-edge printing with glossy photo finish quality for great-looking cards with crisp, clear colors and flawless continuous tones
  • Fast throughput of up to 100 cards per hour
  • Highest ribbon capacity and detachable card hopper for easy handling and continuous operation
  • Convenient and simple front-loading of supplies with color-coded cartridge system
  • Heavy-duty ART Retransfer Film for long-lasting durable cards
  • Lifetime printhead warranty
  • Accessories compartment for cleaning kits and other accessories
  • Optional single- and double-sided lamination for more durability and security


      • Operate and maintain your printer with ease
        To ensure smooth operation and printer care, the EDIsecure XID8300 single-sided printer is equipped with a number of user-friendly features. The front-loading system with replaceable cartridges makes changing printer supplies fast and easy. The LCD panel provides low ribbon warnings, cleaning notifications, automatic ribbon detection, and more!
      • Take advantage of high quality reverse transfer technology
        The EDIsecure XID8300 (PR-DI-DIH10450) uses reverse transfer printing technology which delivers excellent print quality, true over-the-edge printing, and enhanced wear protection.
      • Secure your card printing program
        The XID8300 card printer includes several features to ensure your ID application and supplies are safe, inlcuding: an electronic security lock, Kensington Lock, dye-sublimation UV ink ribbon for invisible security printing, IPSEC for encrypted data transfer through networks, and Security Erase of black data on used supplies help prevent counterfeiting and to avoid the misuse of personal information.

      • Dual-sided printing
        If your ID card program requires printing on both sides of the card, a flipper module can be factory installed, making the EDIsecure XID 8300 duplex capable


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