SANI-SIGN - 10.1" LCD Display with Sanitizing Dispenser Floor Stand

  • $1,795.00

Digital Sign Combining Auto Dispensing Hand Sanitizer
10.1” LCD HD Billboard Kiosk ALL‐IN‐ONE

10.1” LCD HD Interactive Android 8.1 Tablet WiFi Media Player

Auto dispense liquid, gel, or foam hand sanitizer, 1000 ml capacity

Screen: 800 x 1280 pixels, Optional—Touch Screen

Power: AC 100‐240V / DC5V 3A‐4A

Network: WiFi, USB, SD card, Bluetooth (Optional: 3G/4G)


Content Management:

Connect remotely to upload video, audio or image file

Auto Power On/Off time


Display any combination of:

• Emergency notifications

• Public service announcements

• Advertisements

• Slideshows and HD images

• Looping videos and YouTube

• News and social media feeds

• Scrolling ticker streams

• Weather forecasts and websites

• Employee communications

• Training procedures and bulletins

• Check‐in policies

• Media files: PNG, JPEG, JPG, PPT, and MP4 videos