SANI-DT - Desktop Contact Free Automatic Hand Sanitizers

SKU: SVA-PL151055S
  • $249.00

SANI‐DT - Desktop Contact free Automatic hand sanitizers
Sanitizer Dispenser w/ desktop stand, Auto non-contact

Space‐saving size, contact‐free to avoid cross‐infection. The automatic hand sanitizer is a public health necessity, widely used in businesses, health care, schools, hotels, restaurants, airports, offices, churches, day care centers and other public areas.

Desktop Automatic Sanitizer Features:

  • Touch free operation reduces spread of germs
  • Base design for placement on a desktop or counter (Wall mount optional)
  • Uses 4AA Batteries with LED Light to indicate low battery
  • Infrared Auto‐Sensing
  • 0‐12cm sensing range
  • Spraying Volume ‐ 1.2ml (spray)
  • Response Time ‐ 25ms
  • Liquid Spray Pump